Zend is a next level PHP technology that is based on a carefully tested, agile code base. It is mostly preferred due to its simplicity, object-oriented best practices and commercial friendly licensing schemes. The primary function of Zend is to edifice a secure, dependable and modern Web 2.0 application. Zend generally employs available APIs from leading search engines like Google, Amazon, Yahoo! and Flicker. It even makes use of API providers and cataloguers like Strike level and Programmable Web.

Zend is an Open Source web application framework utilized in PHP 5. This web application framework is used to develop powerful and secure web applications. It enables the Developers to build dependable PHP applications with saving a lot of time.

Zend Development is done with Zend Framework, Zend Studio and Zend Server. Zend framework uses Model-view-controller (MVC) execution which backs PHP layouts and templates.

Prominent features of Zend Website Development undertaken by experts at Infoicon

  • Thorough quality check
  • Stable Zend web solutions
  • Avail dedicated Zend Coder
  • Prior experience in the technology
  • Secure Zend app development
  • Deliver customized solutions
  • Zend framework developed using PHP 5

Expertise of Infoicon Technologies for PHP Zend Web Development

  • Online community portals
  • e-Store and e-commerce solutions
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Mass mailing/News letter management solutions
  • Scheduling management
  • Shipping system development
  • Blogs/Social bookmarking
  • Booking systems
  • Banner management
  • Real estate website development
  • Online auctions