Usability and Content Testing

Nothing delights a user better than an exquisite experience on a website or application that he/she probably visits. There is done a lot of elite testing on them to provide the user a flawless experience as well as relevant information by visiting the platform.

An awful user experience can collapse your website or app, minimizes the interest of your business users or clients and put down your company’s reputation. If you are too owning a mobile/web based application or even if a business website, then, it is a major fact of concern “Does it meets your user’s expectations in terms of layout and presentation? Is it demonstrating your services up to a great extent? Is it simple and easy to use? You can answer all these questions readily, if you’ve availed any designated Usability & Content Testing service from a renowned QA Service Provider.

Usability Testing is a technique, most commonly used to analyze a product/service by testing it from the users point of view or opinion. It is aimed to measure a product's exhibiting features to meet their predetermined purpose. UI/UX testing reviews its usability or ease of use of the website or application.

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The need of Usability Test for Your Digital Applications?

The evaluation resulted from Usability Test can be beneficial in:

  • Lifting up the conversion rates
  • Raising sales for your enhanced business growth
  • Reducing risks and failures prospects
  • Help you to get a brief detail and analyze the fact about the visitors through your business website with web analytics

  • We conduct usability tests with a custom-built approach in our advanced technical labs to left no stone unturned in providing you the leading QA Solutions. Initially, our endeavor is to understand Your Business Objectives. We work closely with you to understand your business goals precisely. In addition to this, we seemingly identify your target audience and also review what we will test in accordance with your business (e.g., prototype, live website, application, etc.)

    Advantages of Our Usability & Content Testing Services:-

    It will be beneficial for your customers and, in turn, to your company. It gives you an opportunity to present your business beautifully in front of your customers online because “In the digital world, your website or digital products speaks prominently about your business”.

    One of the major parameters that is tested by our UI/UX testers is the responsiveness of the website. According to the latest updates of search engines, the responsiveness of a website plays a major role in gathering visitors to a website and we are more focused on keeping our clients updated and be acquainted with the leading-edge testing solutions.

    Being your leading QA Partners, we at Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd., have made a finest Testing methodology depending on our experience in testing    for usability and content for a wide range of clients. To provide a complete set of services, we have all the exquisite infrastructure and resources.

    Our QA team comprises of a proposed set of end-users both from inside and outside of the company.

    We, at Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is well-versed with all the key terms of user interface testing with their specific parameters. A few of them are application simplicity, ease-to-use, layout, GUI-testing, etc.

    Focused on delivering mobile-friendly and responsive websites.

    We emphasize on increasing user engagement of your website by making it free from all the UI, i.e. User Interface defects.

    We follow a Usability and Content Testing checklist composed of key points to check. Some of them are described here: -

    Assuring about the GUI elements for their size, position, length, width and acceptance of input as characters or numbers.

    Verifying the execution of the expected functionality of the website or application with GUI.

    Ensuring about the Error Messages. Are they displaying correctly or not?

    Considering about the clear division of the different sections of the screen including tabs in the header section, footer, and the mid-section.

    Checking for the content readability including the correct use of font-size, colors, and text-alignments.To check for the appropriate alignment of images.

    Making sure about the legitimate positioning of GUI elements for discrete screen resolution.

    Our UI/UX testing experts from a highly efficient team of technical graduates will work closely with you to assure your company’s digital practices meets the significant usability standards. You just need to get in touch with us to avail our distinguished QA Services for usability and content testing. Last, but not the least, we are also committed towards delivering our outstanding services to the clients within the promised timeframes.