With an expertise to software development package and products we at Infoicon Technologies help you to exceed your business demands of innovation through software. The client concern of quality services is served with comprehensive quality and world class deliverables.

Our expertise team of developers ensures that the client must start getting value from the beginning of the project.

Our software development includes numerous services that include

  • Packaged software development
  • Software product development
  • Optimize and enhance the performance of an existing product
  • Maintain existing produc
  • Localization
  • Usability and UI design
  • Testing
  • Product or Technology R&D prototype

We provide a transparency on client’s project status that enables him to have a clear watch on his running or undergoing project.

  • Schedule or scope variance
  • Code quality
  • Resource assignment
  • Effort or cost variance
  • Defect containment
  • Risks and issues

Effective software development abridges and develops working exactly as you want it to. With our tremendous and expert services and experience of recent technology gears, software tools, application integration system, and multi-platform milieu, we create best possible business applications that meet the specific business and technology requirements.

We have a transparent project management and approach that is focused to practical communication with the client to ensure the quality of services from our part to client. Software development is something that we have been serving from years and have a real strong grip on the technical of the field. Our team of software development professionals follows the recent technology and developments in the field. Most of all, Infoicon team provides flexibility across time zone with global expertise and dedication towards handling the projects.


Requirement Gathering & Analysis

The first stage and major part of creating any software product is extracting and gathering the requirements. This process includes analyzing the performance of the desired software product at various stages and determining the further requirements. Analysis is very crucial to proceed to the next step of software development. We conduct a meeting to facilitate the communication between stakeholders, end user and project team, so that they can gather as much information for software development.


The task of specification includes describing the software and writing it in mathematically rigorous way. The specifications are written to understand and fine-tune the applications. Software systems are properly and often specified before developing any application. We do this task for external interfaces that need to be remained stable.

System Design

After the analyzing and specification stage, the next step that takes place is system designing, which is basically creating the architecture of the project. This step is needed to remove any kind of flaws in the application. We set a standard and intend to stick to it by eliminating the possible glitches in the project.

Software Architecture

We build architecture of the software system that is an abstract representation of that system. In this stage we make software architecture to ensure that the software system meets the specific requirements of the project, as well as ensuring that the future requirements of the project can be addressed precisely.


After the development of software, the process of implementation comes in where a pilot study of the product is done to determine whether it is functioning properly. This stage is very important as it helps identifying any kind of technical flaws in the products.


The testing stage evaluates the software for glitches and bugs if there any in the software system. In this stage, we test the parts of the software. Our testing engineers test the coding of the software and remove the possible errors in it to ensure the proper functioning of the product.


This task is very important, which include documenting the internal design of the software for facilitating its future maintenance and enhancement. Future maintenance is crucial to maintain and upgrade the software from time to time to adapt the changes.

Training and Support

Most of the time the software projects fail because the developers fail to realize that there is no gain if nobody in an organization is using it, not matter how much planning and time the development team invested in developing software. We provide training classes for the most enthusiastic software users, shift the training towards the neutral users, and finally incorporate the rest of the organization into adopting and making use of the new developed software.


After the software has passed through all the stages without any errors, it is to undergo a maintenance process where the software is maintained and upgraded to cope with the changes and new problems. It is necessary to add code in the software that does not suit the original design as well as for determining how the software works.