To win a cut-throat competition among a myriad of businesses nowadays, applying “Intelligence” is of paramount significance. It will not only set your enterprise apart, but also makes you more predictive, proactive, and productive at the same time. This is actually the real power of an intelligent organization. As of now, many large-scale companies have multiple facets of operation is the fact that you are most likely familiar with. To keep things going in the accurate direction, all they need is to communicate with each other. Amid all, SAP an abbreviation for Systems, Applications, and Products is one of the leading ERPs i.e. Enterprise Resource Planning software enables communication in the data processing.

In simpler words, it's a suite of applications which contribute to managing core business processes including Sales, Purchasing, Human Resource, Customer Support, Accounting, CRM and Inventory. The exceptional features this software possesses is what that allows companies of all sizes to reap a plethora of significant benefits. For instance, Eliminating Data Duplication, Abundance & Discontinuity Improving Services, Increasing Productivity, Sharing Information in Different Departments, and Reducing Costs. Hence, it has become one of the most preferred choices for businesses working in different verticals.

At Infoicon Technologies, we the next generation global leader in the IT industry enable 3000+ clients from different countries including Australia, Canada, Europe, and the U.S to attain an optimal SAP solution. In addition, we have a team of passionate professionals who possess Extensive Experience and Expertise in the area. This is why they can not only navigate your business proficiently but also give you the right advice to meet an array of your organizational goals. The Innovative Strategies they create & implement and On-Learning Approach they employ is something that allows them to serve you in a unique way.

Surprising statistics according to the Panorma's report for SAP ERP software: 

Over 500 companies use this intelligent solution in their daily operations. “

More than 120 countries across the world employ SAP ERP system.”

“Approximately 81% of organizations are either in the process of implementing ERP software or have completed implementation.”

14% of organizations are in the process of selecting software.”

5% of medium-sized businesses are in the process of upgrading software.”

Key benefits of SAP ERP System:

Increased Productivity: No matter whether you are amid starters or medium-scale business in the market place, by utilizing SAP system, you can actively increase the productivity amid most employees as well as various departments. Since there is no need for redundant data entry within distinct software programs, thus, you will have to face a few  communication struggles among separate but interdependent facets of the organization.

Consistent Operations: The right utilization of SAP software allows all business types to align their strategies. And ensures that all the aspects of the company are on the same page. With persistent entering, reporting of numbers as well as generation of reports, management can easily get to know what's going on in the organization in a broader scope.

Cost-effectiveness: Last, but not least, it's one of the great benefits of SAP system that you should know about. By employing them, you will not only attain the desired results but also get a chance to save business capital.

ERP Trends in 2019:

Rise in Cloud ERP Solutions: When compared to traditional ERP, contemporary ERP system or software is more comprehensive and also cover all function of an enterprise. You may know or not, cloud-based ERP has a more flexible setup. Indeed, various organizations are licensing the software as they would for on-premises usage and running it in a private/public cloud.

Internet of Things (IoT): Since IoT is described as “Third third Wave of the Internet”, therefore it has also plenty of potential for application in the ERP industry. Additionally, it connects devices including industrial equipment onto the network and everyday objects of users by allowing information gathering as well as management of these gadgets via software. Hence, results in Ample Opportunities for Increased Efficiency and introduction of pivotal services along with several Significant Benefits.

Integrating Social Media: With an amazing increase in social media users worldwide, there is undeniably a need for social media functionality within ERP system. As most systems contain sales & business functions, many staff are already utilizing it indirectly in conjunction with a huge range of applications. Also, cloud ERP solutions provide you with top-notch data protection along with unparalleled security features and ERP solution providers.

Finally, if you are also looking forward to attaining an optimal SAP solution, then you can consider approaching Infoicon Technologies. Having years of experience and wealth of knowledge in the field, our professionals will assuredly provide you with the excellent results and thus, assist you to expand your business globally that too in a cost-effective manner!