React JS is a javascript that has been in the trend for creative and dynamic user interfaces for single-page web applications. Irrespective of the size and complexity of web interfaces, this JS framework can work wonders for single page web applications and mobile apps as well. First developed and used in 2011 by Facebook, it has been increasingly used since then. The flexibility that it offers with the updation and the variety of design components which can be updated and are designed for each state in the application.

Infoicon Technologies has helped its clients to build robust, dynamic, and simple applications for the clients for over a decade. The solutions are rendered to the clients keeping in mind, the  simplicity, scalability and also the speed of the application.

Why React JS?

Simplicity: This is the first thing that clients and developers use it. The use of a special syntax JSX enables the coders to mix HTML with JS to get a professional web application. This syntax is easier than using JavaScript and needs just the basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. It is very helpful in building high-volume apps or custom components Along with this, it provides developers with warning and error messages and prevents code injections.

Easier to update: If you think that regular updates might be a headache for you, React JS is known to have the ability to reuse old system components. Every component has its internal logic making it easier to define and manipulate them facilitating codebase maintenance and growth with the constant look.

SEO friendly: It is common to face search engine failures when it comes to heavy JS based applications. When it comes to React, it can run on the server allowing the search engine to render virtual Document Object Model [DOM] as a regular webpage. The framework can help with different search engines catering to the use of microformat web use-case.

Industries we cater to:

The industries we cater to vary widely, here are a few to mention:




Oil and Gas

Information technology

Media and Entertainment


Financial Services


Education and Training, and a lot more

Why Prefer Us?

Infoicon Technologies has been delivering exactly as per the client needs and exclusively as per the project requirements for over 12 years of experience in the industry.

Meeting the deadlines: Coming to us, you can be sure of getting the project delivered to the requirement within a stipulated time. The proficient development team is in constant touch with the clients to keep them updated on the progress and the latest trends and changes to be incorporated in the application.

Experience: We have over 12 years of experience in the industry dealing with clients from across the globe without any geographical boundaries. This experience has helped in efficiently dealing with the clients to understand their needs and deliver with all that's required.

Get your reliable solutions for your large and complex single-page web applications with Infoicon Technologies offering constant support throughout the process. Globally renowned and a dynamic company incorporating the latest technology is what you get right here with us. Our experts are happy to help you!