An India-based company, Infoicon Technologies provides the best service to the client by meeting the exact requirements they have, offering brilliantly executed work which is simple, yet inspiring.

Several Kind of Software Development Technologies provided by Infoicon Technologies are:

E-commerce Development: If you want to increase your business profits, gain strength in market or enhance your business scope, then you should be prepared to make changes, and E-commerce website development is a great way to do so. Not only are they reliable and easy, they are also exceptionally well-thought out. Choose from a wide array of several kinds of service that would take care of your special needs and help you reach your targets. Here is where Infoicon Technologies can help you by developing specific Web development application solutions to benefit your deals, and optimize your profits. Products like e-commerce development and marketing, e-commerce website designing, e-commerce software or SEO services are all part of the deal here.

Java Development: Do you want to go for a service based on Java, J2EE and J2ME technology? Then Infoicon Technologies can help you by designing and developing them with the aid of the best J2EE application development framework and similar work. The software developed would help in optimizing your capacity in business.

Java Advantages

  • Centered around the Network
  • Open source, which means no license fees per annum.
  • An decentralized, self-developed plane
  • Auto-memory management
  • Top-class security
  • Fantastic user support on the web
  • Multi-lingual
  • Versatile web-development capability.

SugarCRM Development

The main function of SugarCRM is to automate the activities that are connected to customers and enhance and organize customer relationships. The chief features of SugarCRM constitute:

  • Customer Support:You can now take a look at the customer interactions and check in a detailed manner every interaction made, and the responses can be analyzed and evaluated with this product. They also help with providing a solution to certain situations.
  • Sales Management:All the necessary data can now be kept shared and monitored according to the manager's wish. This provides a way to track and manage sales leads, look out for the opportunities resulting in enhanced productivity in the module. One can also view and store the details of the customers and these help in cross selling and up selling opportunities. Managers can now analyze and optimize business opportunities.
  • Marketing Management: You can now track marketing opportunities, and look out for the areas from where you can generate marketing needs and strategies in order to provide the best deals.
  • Reporting:you can now effectively monitor and activate these procedures to generate statistical reports which would enhance your capacity to understand a situation via reports, charts, performances and graphs.

DNN Development

The framework of DotNetNuke is built over Microsoft ASP.Net (VB.NET) platform. It is an open source that allows the general public to let certain software be free as this is licensed under BSD agreement. The best thing about DotNetNuke is that they have a dedicated base and an increasing community, along with updated modules which are added to everyday, and software can be hosted or administered without much programming skills. The best thing about the DNN developing services lies in the fact that both DNN modules and skins are independent full scale portals. Infoicon Technologies is known for their exceptional knowledge and professional outlook for DNN outsourcing which is a real asset to the company. We pride in our ability to understand and develop through the needs of our clients.

Why choose Infoicon Technologies for outsourcing/ offshore Software Development?

  • Offering a price that is definitely a deal for you
  • Software development skills are very well-defined
  • The product quality is ISO 9000 certified
  • Fantastic knowledge about the matter dealt with
  • Over 100 experienced IT professionals
  • Several offices present around the globe