The main aim behind coming up with this Privacy Policy is to explain all the procedures in which Infoicon Technologies gathers, uses, maintains and even unearths information that have been collected from a wide variety of users of the websites. Our privacy policy is applied to our site and each of the products and services that we offer.

Collection of Information and Sharing

We are aware of your right to confidentiality and we make all our effort to protect the same. We are the only owner of all the information available on our website and do not sell, rent or put any information for loan, until and unless any other party legally needs anything from us. In occasions, we may store some of your information, but we will do that to comprehend your requirements in a better manner, so that we can design the products as well as service to meet your needs. The other reason to store those information is to help you with information that is relevant to our industry news, events, features and all the other offers that will be suitable for you. If you feel comfortable in corresponding with us via E-mail, we can take the step of collecting the information and keep it with the guarantee of highest confidentiality.

Data Security

The information we collect from the users of our site, is encrypted and then transmitted to us in a very safe way. In the same manner, we also take the responsibility of safeguarding your valuable information offline as well. Only people who are in need of information to complete a particular job, are granted with access rights to those data. We keep the computers and servers that have those data, in a safe environment.

Policy for Content And Anti-Spam

Infoicon Technologies keeps itself working to keep the website away from any kind of content spam, ad scams, and various other practices thar are deceptive. Infoicon Technologies strictly repudiates any attempt by an automated system or a user to take up any of its services that could result into tarnishing the services that are offered in the website. We never keep up with any content that can end up tricking other for their monetary profit. To remove such spams from our website, we employ a mechanism to keep a track.

Contact Information:

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