Our Working Process

The voluminous realm of Software Testing comprises of assuring a product’s quality. We believe in delivering high-quality services for your digital solutions. As your end-users expect a lot from you such as the legitimate information, quick responsiveness, appropriate display/layout, etc. At the end, the expectations of your end user should meet successively in order to beef up your business.

Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd., employs a systematized process flow to test the distinguished applications of our respective customers. Our flexible and easily adaptable approach make us paramount QA and testing service provider on a global platform. We follow an organized work procedure to maintain the quality standards and guidelines prominently. The strides of our testing work procedure is as follows:-

Requirement Analysis (What Have to Do):-

Being an initial stage, it imparts a lot of liability on both the service provider and the customer, who take the benefit of the desired service. Testing outsets with this stage of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). Testing can accompany or follow the web development and design phases according to the model employed for the development of the website.

We understand the importance of software services. We ensure that you get it from a legitimate QA service provider - Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We gather the designated requirements from our customers. It majorly comprises of putting pen to paper for:-

Whether you need Testing services for website, mobile app or software?

What is Your Business sphere?

Which sort of testing you require? We can also assist you for this.

The time-frame in which the services will be delivered.

Test Planning (How We Do It):-

We frame a strategical plan to keep the things managed and logically organized. We create a brief Project plan, SRS (Software Requirements Specification) and other important documentations. It majorly comprises of the procedure we will follow, resources assigned for the successful accomplishment of the task and the tools/technology we will employ in the execution of the test.

We define Test strategy, Test procedures, test scenarios, test cases, test data-sets, test scripts and test plans to use in testing to make the process sleeker.

Implementation or Test Execution (Let Us Do It):-

Our dedicated and skilled Testers execute the test cases to check the functionality and behavior of your software or website. This process is intended to check whether its current functionality meets the expected functionality. Depending upon the test plan, manual or automation testing is performed to report all distinct bugs, defects and errors found in your mobile or web applications. Test cases are executed to cover different aspects of testing such as installation testing, usability testing, compatibility testing, security testing, system testing, etc. We routinely report (weekly or monthly) about the progress and the milestone that we’ve achieved in the testing procedure successively. It also comprises of Bug Reporting closely to your development team.

Test Reporting (Let Us Show What We’ve Done):-

After the successful execution of all test cases, we proceed towards test reporting. Our testers make metrics and generate final reports of their test attempts. Almost 80-90% errors have been diagnosed in this phase. The accuracy of this decides whether the application is ready to be delivered to be exercised by the end-users.

Test Result Analysis (Time to Ask You How’s it?):-

We do a detailed analysis on the test results. The potential bugs are resolved according to their priorities and the bug-free application is set to be delivered. This phase includes a strong coordination between the development team and the testing team which explicitly you can find here at Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We also keep closely connected with our customers to leave no stone unturned in delivering a quality preferable results to them. Acceptance Testing and regression testing are performed to ensure that the application is 100% ready to be used by the end-users. If there is any discrepancy, then they can be amended.

Test Closure (We Have Done It):-

Testing seems to be a never-ending process as we can never satisfy ourselves fully. Every time, we all put our best efforts to expand and enhancing our services. But, in order to make your websites live to get exposure from end-users, we have to wind-up this process. This phase signifies that the test has met its exit criteria.

Now, after the successful completion of all these phases, you can own a bug-free application and make your end-users contented with a flawless digital experience.

As your peerless QA Partner, Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. focuses entirely on providing independent QA testing services. We believe in empowering our employees with the latest tools and technologies to compete internationally with full gusto. We know the importance of quality and we always maintain high standards for it. We’ve risen up globally with innovative approaches and ideas to enrich our clients with the best testing solutions. You can avail our distinguished services if “quality matters you the most”, after all, “The quality of your digital identities can make a big difference to your customers”.