Online Education APPS

Education is the biggest platform that is used by the people to a large extent. Online mode of education has made learning easy for all age groups. With the use of various mobile and web-based online education apps, the students can learn a lot of things. It also facilitates the career and knowledge exposure to the teachers also.

Online education apps is a comprehensive platform where the students and teachers can meet for educational purpose. The Online education application developed by Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Comprises of the latest features to make education a valuable asset. This app is tested entirely to make sure that it sticks to the desired quality standards. It facilitates the easy learning process anytime with uncomplicated lesson plans. This app comprehensively simplifies the tasks for the teachers and students both with the following features:-

Log In and Sign Up:- To get started with this online education app, the students as well as the teachers needs to get registered initially. If a person has registered previously, then they can log in easily.

Upload Study Material:- The teacher can upload the presentations, assignments, diagrams, videos, etc for the students.

Strong Interaction:- Our application facilitates the communication between the teacher and the student by messaging feature.

Online Assessment:- To encourage the students, the teacher can assess their periodic performance by entitling them with the designated remarks and can also inform their parents for the same.

Attendance Record:- This application is enriched with a feature by the virtue of which the attendance of the students can be maintained easily. It will be manged by the teacher and will be visible to the students also.

Feedback:- For the growth of your online education business, you need to get feedback of your teachers from their students. You can save these views to improve the teaching skills of your staff and the methodologies they employ.

Test Evaluation:- The feature of online test is also added in this application to evaluate the performance of the learners. The test will be checked online and the marks of the students will be displayed to them within a few minutes.

Push Notifications:- To keep students informed about the latest offers on different batches, we have added this feature to the app. The notifications will be sent on student’s email and will also send on his/her mobile via SMS.

Reminders:- This feature makes the students and the teacher informed about the schedule of the class so they would not miss it.

Group Discussions:- Our online education app consists of the feature by which the teacher can organize sessions for group discussions where the students can share their ideas and interact with each other.

Submit a Request:- If your students have missed a class and they need to request for some classes specifically, then, they can make a request to the teacher. It is up to the teacher whether to accept it or not. They can also send a clarification of the decline of the request to the students.

Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Have a team of immensely talented application developers to make the best Online education apps. We have developed various mobile as well as web-based apps to enhance the services of our customers. The applications developed by us are based on the latest technological frameworks. Our team adheres to follow a standardized approach for the development of online education applications. We also customize the applications according to the personalized requirements of our beloved customers. The apps we have developed are doing best in their field.

Get your Online education apps developed at Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. And make your education business a prevalent one.