1. This is basically an agreement between your company with ours, which is associated with the confidentiality of the company.
  2. This is for the company that wishes to be associated with Infoicon Technologies for business. The compensation will not only remain for how the company takes care of the confidentiality part, but also for the services that they perform.
  3. Infoicon Technologies agree working with the clients when both the parties work in good faith to come across all the business opportunities that come under the agreement, and to exchange information and even ideas that come out to be apt.
  4. Infoicon Technologies further agrees on a request that has been made by the client or an entity. But this has to be requested from the company, and not taken by any other means. Breaching the rule may cause legal action on the client, on which the client has to co-operate.
  5. Infoicon Technologies agrees on assigning to the client and the company. Also, Infoicon Technologies pays royalty and recognition to the company, in case it earns anything.
  6. Each of the confidential information should be kept confidential, in every situation. No matter what the other party is, if anything is disclosed, then it has to be informed in written to the company.
  7. The exchange of information with any party should be informed beforehand. Also, the reason for the exchange of information should be valid and the points should be strong enough to convince.
  8. The clients would be expected to show in their portfolio, of the work that have been done by Infoicon Technologies. It would be considered as an acknowledgment.
  9. This agreement will be governed by and protected by the laws of India.
  10. Breaching this agreement will cause legal action. Therefore, a company that needs any change in it, would be expected to bring out all the points beforehand. On discussion, matters can be solved.