From past few years, Infoicon Technologies has been the renowned outsourced Microsoft software development company which is suitable for high end outsourcing services. Infoicon Technologies is also specialist in Windows programming; Microsoft consulting services, offshore .NET software development, enterprise application development, web based application development, Microsoft product development, .NET product development, as well as business processing tools. The architects and consultants of Infoicon Technologies also specialise in services which includes .Net development, Microsoft .NET programming, .NET migration, .NET application migration, as well as .NET application re-engineering.

We have our Microsoft development experience across different industries like e-business and e-commerce, wealth and financial management services, energy, communications, logistics and transportation, CRM and government. The teams of Infoicon Technologies deploy and develop comprehensive solutions with the use of Microsoft technologies and tools at their disposal in the Microsoft software services.

We the team of Microsoft certified software architects, consultants, Microsoft testers and developers can work with you to execute a entire project, complement your in-house development team through providing resources such as a Microsoft .Net developer for offshore staffing or even help you in setting up a Microsoft offshore development competency centre in India.

.NET Development

Investments have been done in establishing good practices in net programming application programme with the use of .NET framework, Microsoft Development through training of resources, associated technologies such as VSTA, VSTO, MapPoint, MS Dynamics, BizTalk etc by Infoicon Technologies. We have an extensive experience in the deployment and development of applications on VB.NET and C#. Enterprise and desktop Applications which are scalable, high in performance and platform independent are too included in our Microsoft .NET development expertise. The full range of .NET functionality provided by Microsoft are being utilised by our Microsoft net application development.

.NET Smart Client Development

Smart client applications have been built by Infoicon Technologies for its clients who are using the Microsoft SQL server as well as .NET platform along with the usage of related utilities and tools. As we develop smart client applications which involve the usage of third party UI components like component one studio .NET third party tools and Infragistics.

Window Services Application Programme

Applications have been developed by the Microsoft experts of Infoicon Technologies who are experienced in working with Windows Service Control Manager that runs in the background of the server or the PC. These kinds of applications does not have any type of user interface, as well as they are appropriate for the implementation of long standing functionality over a server system, it does not interface with the functioning of the users. Development and deployment has been done in windows services applications by Infoicon Technologies with the usage of Microsoft Visual Studio, CodeGear Delphi and the .NET structure along with C# as the development language. The development of applications has been done with standalone processes and shared processes by Infoicon Technologies.

Why Infoicon Technologies?

  • An exhaustive knowledge base of best practices is being maintained by us for the purpose of cost efficiency and reliable development.
  • Designing, evaluation and comparison among different approach options for you can be made by our expert team including the Microsoft consultants so that the best technological decisions could be taken.
  • Microsoft Gold Certified partnerships helps us to gain access to the latest tools, frameworks and development methodologies in the Microsoft world
  • The architects as well as the consultants at the Infoicon Technologies are very much clear about the communication standards and the response target which needs to be followed, so that there are very little or no deviations take place in the project plan.
  • We can provide you with highly cost effective solutions with the help of very little or sourcing risks and hence our development cost comes out to be low and there is talent intensive location.