Infoicon User Terms:

Company will not be liable for any content and copyright issues for anything related to services and products. Client be sure to send all information properly and nothing should be used via unethical process.

2) Infoicon never claim anything for a client property and is not responsible after delivery. Any issues if occur due to wrong information will be bear by client so be sure to always use the right information to develop the correct solution.

3) Infoicon is never responsible if any employee uses the code of client site out of Infoicon knowledge but found culprit then definitely we will help to resolve in client favour with all legal proceedings.

4) Customer have rights during development & can add the all copyright content where Infoicon can help in with this.

5) Infoicon Sales Mangers have the limits to sign any document but company is never responsible for any liabilities & circumstances which is out of agreements project value.

6) An agreement of more than USD 10000 will only be valid if singed by VP level person and our lawyer. Legal emails can be sent at:

7) Customer should feel secure with business manger under the said limits as mentioned above.

8) An agreement should be properly executed with 7 days from signing and submitted into company office record with both parties signatures else will not be considered as a valid document. No additional work will come within the signed agreement. If any requirement has to be updated then agreement must get revised with all new agreed terms properly and submitted within 7 days for right legal validation in company records.

Data Theft Policies:

1) If any employee,user or even client are found in company data theft, company will take the legal action for the same and case will be filed under Indian Government law.

2) Infoicon always secure every code for the customer and this is the client responsibility if any solution has been completed so take the delivery at its earliest and if after reminders any client is failed to take deliver then company have the rights to delete the complete solution code without any permission for data protection purpose and none of the paid fund will be refunded in any case. Also company will have rights to file the case for recovery for the particular project and will recover balance payment and damages.

Terms & Conditions

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In no event, Infoicon Technologies Pvt Ltd shall be accountable for any kind of compensation arising out of the misuse or incapability to use the contents on the site, even if Infoicon Technologies or an official representative has been notified verbally or in writing of the possibility of such damage. Because some jurisdictions do not permit limitations on indirect warranties, or limitations of liability for significant or minor damages, these limitations may not relate to you.

Revisions and Typos

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Links of Third-Party Service Provider

Mostly all the banners, links, ads which you may find are on the site are provided by the third party service providers and are subject to separate the terms and conditions specified in the applicable third-party services. Infoicon Technologies does not make any warranties (with some exceptions) on the marketing services provided by third-party providers, either express or implied. Your dealings or correspondence with, or participation in promotions of, third-party service providers found on or throughout the site are exclusively between you and such third-party service providers. You must get acknowledged and should agree upon the fact that Infoicon Technologies or its employees will not be accountable or responsible with respect to any failure or damage of any kind incurred.

Conditions Under Site Modifications

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