Integration Testing

Integration Testing refers to an essential aspect of QA (Quality Assurance). It is conducted by the experts to identify all defects in interfaces between integrated components or systems. Individual modules are united and tested together as a group. It is performed after unit testing and before the outset of validation testing. The modules are unit tested before the beginning of integration testing. The final outcomes of this testing is an integrated system apt for system testing.

At Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd., we understand that in today’s digitized and competitive world, quality of a product is important to ensure extensive business outcomes. A product lacking in quality is not able to survive in today’s dynamic markets and it can leave to dreadful outcomes affecting the reliability and integrity of its organization. Therefore, we execute precise and explicit testing methodologies to assure the delivery of quality preferred solutions.

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Integration testing is conducted to establish smooth interoperability between the different components in an application. Although individual components or units may work perfectly when checked during component testing and unit testing by the team, but, there are fair chances that it may face some trouble when the components are integrated together. Discrete issues might arise when units are integrated together to constitute an entire system. Consequently, once an application is integrated, our QA Testing team performs a thorough integration testing before heading towards the system testing.

During the execution of integration tests, our QA team primarily focuses only on the integration and will not be involved in testing the functionality of individual modules as it will take place in the later stages in system testing phase. Our integration testing team works closely with the web development team to understand the architecture of the application seemingly so as to rise up with specific and detailed integration test plans.

The team of testers at Infoicon Technologies are highly capable of adapting latest technologies as well as they are highly experienced. Numerous companies are committing to provide the finest services for Integration Testing. But, a few of them are catering to the specific requirements of the customers. Our prime focus is on testing all the functional requirements of the application. We cover as much as possible aspects of the applications in accordance with the client’s significant needs.

Leading Advantages of Our Integration Testing Services:-

  • Enhanced Functionality
  • Improved Performance
  • Extended Reliability
  • Comprehensive Outcomes
  • Reduced Cost
  • Our Approaches for Integration Testing:-

  • Big Bang Testing
  • Top-Down Testing
  • Bottom-Up Testing
  • Sandwich Testing
  • Experts at Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. employ customized testing methodology powered with a flexible and integrated approach for each project. Our test strategy is planned and implemented according to the upcoming technology, and customer specifications. Our extensive experience in integration testing helps us in employing the best test techniques to discover all possible defects in your applications.