Website development is, without any doubt, a confounded process. And when it is about developing an eCommerce website, it is even more complicated as there are multitudes of aspects which are to be considered before developing the one. People come to the website not just to purchase products but to have a hassle-free experience. Thus, it becomes more important to do everything to make the process simple and intuitive for the users. When it comes to sell online, an eCommerce website has to be developed and maintained carefully in accordance with the targeted customers. That is where comes the need of a flexible and powerful eCommerce development platform - Magento. It an one among the most popular eCommerce platform that is spreading its wings as a creator of revolutionary shopping experience on eCommerce stores. It is an ideal solution for the development an integrated and interactive digital shop for a wide range of product display as well as selling options.

As an open-source eCommerce platform with a significant number of standard features and customization possibilities, Magento has successfully left the other eCommerce development platforms far behind in the competition. It is a platform that is popularly known for empowering and building the robust eCommerce websites. It is built on an open-source technology providing online businesses a flexible shopping cart system and a proper implementation of the look, content, functionality and utilities of their online stores. It offers an immense liberty to use those advanced features and strengthen the user experience. But, with regards to pick up the most from this unique platform such as CRM System, Shopping Cart Management, Payment Gateway Integration and so on, it is essential to hire Magento certified developers and solution specialists who can better comprehend the requirements of the online store.

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