Google Apps brings you the collection of Google applications that focuses on productivity, collaboration and communication at cut down prices. These are the basic cloud-based customizable applications that completely run under a unique name. These cloud-based Google Apps can be easily migrated by adopting cloud computing. Infoicon Technologies brings the same platform as a service offering the most familiar technologies for its clients to build and host applications on the same infrastructure used at Google. These applications are easy to build, run and manage so that your traffic data and storage should increase rapidly. With Apps Engine, you need not have to bother about any other server to manage or maintain but our infrastructure will help you to simply upload your application so that it is ready to serve your users.

We at Infoicon technologies bring the most feasible cloud computing services with Google Apps Engine infrastructure having high-availability, reduction in operational staffing overhead and reduced infrastructure costs. We are the leading integrator of cloud computing software for service offerings providing full assessment, deployment, migration, training and support services.

Besides that we are having the quondam partnership of 10 years with Google to bring one of the few top tiers Google Apps Premier Enterprise Reseller and Google Cloud Platform development services partnership. So, now you can easily serve your app from your own domain name (such as using Google Apps. Or, you can serve your app using a free name on the domain. You can also share your application worldwide, or even limit your access to the members of your organization. More significantly, Google App Engine supports apps written in several programming languages.

Why Choose Infoicon for Google Apps Migration Service

Proficient Team – We are equipped with a team of highly qualified app developers who have extensive experience in this field. Having years of experience in this regard, our team has gained immense knowledge and understanding of Apps migration services. Our developers are passionate about what they do, and hence can ensure about providing the most exceptional solutions for your needs.

On-Time Delivery – Being a renowned company, we understand the value of time. Therefore, we strive to deliver our client’s projects within stipulated time period. Working with Infoicon Technologies means, getting incredible services on time, which enables you to carry out your business process effectively and without any delay.

Customer Satisfaction – With our unmatched solutions, we always intend to achieve the high expectations of our clients. We believe in maintaining long term relationships with our valuable clients, therefore we provide exceptional services that offers 100% client satisfaction.

Customized Service Packages – We have a full range of affordable service packages to suit different needs and budget of the clients. Keeping your specific requirements in mind, we can customize our packages, so that you can easily choose according to your needs and wants. You can browse through our wide range of Apps Migration service packages, and can simply choose the one you think is right for you.

For getting in touch with Infoicon Technologies, you can contact us via phone or email. One of our representatives will revert soon to assist you with your needs.