If you are looking for an elegant user interface, flexible templating per page, simple user management and permissions then Frog CMS is the tool that simplifies content management as well as it is necessary for file management. In January 2007 it was launched as PHP Radiant. Frog CMS is a well known Ruby on Rails application and a PHP version of Radiant CMS. Although, both of these applications share a same family resemblance still it is planning its own path.

  • PHP5
  • A MySQL database
  • SQLite 3 with PDO
  • A web server (Apache with mod_rewrite is highly recommended)

These are the requirements of frog CMS. Due to its easy and simple templating code Frog CMS is highly preferred. Most of all, no other scripting language is required in Frog CMS as it uses PHP directly.

This approach has two main advantages:

  • It is useful for those writers who do not want to learn the language as normally PHP is not used in article pages.
  • The Frog CMS designer of the site who will code some basic condition or loop to add more pulsating to the client’s site usually knows PHP already. So, they can add some dynamic latest news part, latest articles, photograph gallery and much more.

Why Infoicon Technologies?

Our unique skill set make sure to meet your web requirements with our assortment of features and functionality and services.

  • Web based information management systems
  • E-commerce sites, basically connecting to payment gateways
  • on-line brochures and product catalogues
  • simplified content management systems (CMS) to meet your needs

we are the well known and among the top notch service providers in industry so, hiring us simply means getting the utmost satisfaction for services that too with reasonable fees and excellence in the project assigned. Most of all, understanding the client’s requirement and delivering the project accordingly is our main motto.

Frog CMS provides the amazing features to the developers as well as the end-users. The hassle free management of the content enables the developer to build a website handily. It facilitates the designer to perform easy templating. At Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd., we have proficient and experienced Frog CMS developers. We make use of latest versions of the relevant software development technologies. It facilitates them to generate the phenomenal web development solutions. Possessing the right skill and knowledge, our developers adheres to employ agile methodology. This speedup the development process and lets us provide you cost-effective solutions.

For the legitimate arrangement of the content in the design of a website, it is utterly important to employ an appropriate Content Management System. The content comprises of images and documents majorly. Our Frog CMS developers ensure proper formatting and publishing of the content. They pay special attention to the layout and the presentation of the information that you want to portrait on your website. To make the website more interacting and appealing, they make the use of the videos, graphics, animations, etc. Developing a website on Frog CMS is quite easy and fast. Additionally, this framework does not require high maintenance. It is so because the recent version of Frog CMS is launched after a long interval of time.

At Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd., we aim at developing the Frog CMS websites and applications with the high level of excellence. You can hire us and feel the greatness of this exceptional framework.