Database Programming

Human brain monitors all the tasks that are done by our body so as is done by a database in an application. It stores large amount of data in it and helps the application to run smoothly. The users can fetch the required information from the database by running various queries that needs to be run on various database programming languages.

Database Programming is yet not a tough task as it needs the in-depth knowledge of the programming languages and sharp mind to run the right query to get the desired results. There are numerous programming languages used by programmers such as MySQL, Oracle, MS Access, Couchbase and many more. But an application will run in a hassle free manner if it has right the Programming language complimenting the database programming language.

Features of Database Programming Done At Infoicon Technologies:-

We at Infoicon Technologies, strategize fully before developing your application. We would clearly advise you the correct database for your applications in accordance to the recent ongoing trends and your convenience. The major features that we incorporate while developing an application are as follows:-




Platform Independent, etc

We are keeping an eye on the latest databases introduced in the market as well as delivering the best applications on the following popular databases:-

Access Databases:- MS Access Database combines the relational database with the GUI(Graphical User Interface) and software applications. This database is typically supported by Visual Basic and object Oriented Programming Languages.

IBM DB2 Databases:- This was developed by IBM to support the relational model but later on it was successful in supporting the object-relational features.

MySQL Databases:- It is the most common and widely used relational database management system that is open source and now owned by Oracle corporation. This database is operated by a set of queries that helps the user to gain command over the database.

MS SQL Databases:- This relational database was developed by Microsoft which stores and retrieves information for various software applications that runs either on the same system or on other computers in the same network.

Oracle Databases:- This is an Object Oriented Relational Database that is most popular amongst the users that is available in 63 languages.