Artificial Intelligence is a rapidly growing technology which enables the machine to imitate the human behavior so to offer the same experience to the users. A recent Forrester Research states that the businesses which use AI will steal around $1.2 trillion P.A. from their less informed peers by 2020.

Nowadays, almost every small or big sized industry is related to artificial intelligence in some or the other way. Indeed, from Microsoft Cortana to Apple’s Siri, artificial intelligence is promising a bright future. Today, the need for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the business field has witnessed rapid growth.

The main objective of artificial intelligence is to develop intelligent machines so to ease the work of humans. Today, it has created a buzz in the market and has gained wide popularity. From self-driving cars to computer games & chatbots, we depend heavily on this advanced machine learning technology.

What We Do?

We at Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. delivers our clientele with outstanding and innovative artificial intelligence solutions, thereby, making their business smart as well as agile. In the past few years, we’ve emerged as a notable AI solution providers. We are well-known for offering effective services for text-to-speech, knowledge virtualization, and much more. Our experts always strive to provide the customers with the needed help and assist in enhancing sales operation by offering up to the minute customer experiences.

No matter whether it is a small-sized company or a multinational, we deliver top-grade AI services which cater to an array of industries such as healthcare, banking, e-commerce, telecommunication, and likewise.

Application of AI

AI mainly assist in solving major problems in various industries like transport, education, health, and more. It can be divided into 5 categories:

Knowledge: It can present information about the world. Example: Purchase prediction, financial market trading, medical diagnosis, drug creation, and more.

Reasoning: It can solve issues through logical deduction. Example: legal assessment, autonomous weapons systems, financial asset management, and more.

Planning: With this, you can attain your goals. Example: physical and digital network optimization, demand forecasting, scheduling, navigation, and more.

Communication: It can understand written and spoken language. Example: real-time transcription, voice control, intelligent assistant, real-time interpretation of written and spoken language, and more.

Perception: It can conclude things about the world via sensory inputs, sounds, and images. Example: autonomous vehicles, surveillance, medical diagnosis, and more.

Trends of AI in Various Sectors

Healthcare: As AI enables in producing a large quantity of data at a faster speed than human analysts, hence, it is widely used in the healthcare sector.

Entertainment: Netflix & Amazon are two popular platforms where AI indeed plays a vital role. It mainly analyzes and compares the user’s activity with others, thereby, determining which program to recommend.

Finance: The financial service provider uses AI-based solution in order to examine brand sentiment, conduct efficient trading for the company’s profits, etc. Also, it uses Chatbots and serves banking customers effectively by providing information & answering their doubts.

Manufacturing: In the future, robots may be used in order to supply goods to the destination. Although by using collaborative robots which works on human command can indeed be beneficial to your firm. And, to make it work productively, AI plays a vital role.

Automotive Industry: Tesla is a famous automotive company which uses a virtual assistant called as ‘TeslaBot’, thereby, allowing the user to interact with their car via phone.

Advantages of AI to Your Business

This trending yet well-known technology can be used in both product and service-based company & can help in letting you attain your business objective. Check out the below benefits that you can avail:

It can offer a personalized experience

It can communicate with potential and genuine users

It can assist in maintaining your target audience by working on their request daily

It can help in establishing your business & taking to great heights

It can also generate higher profits or ROI

Who We Are?

Infoicon Technologies is a leading company, which is evolving as one of the fastest-growing Artificial Intelligence service providers. We offer assistance worldwide and helps in developing & designing applications as well as providing top-notch solutions on AI. Here, we comprise certified, experienced, and talented professionals, who always strive to deliver top-class services to the clients.

Consequently, if you are also looking forward to availing the best AI application developed for your firm, then end your search! Simply contact Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. who possesses vast knowledge and holds years of experience as well. As per your requirement, we will ensure to cater to the best possible help! Our team is dedicated and highly committed to delivering the services on time to the customers.

If having any doubt, feel free to contact our management team!