With evolving technologies in the IT sector, Adobe Experience Manager has certainly a long way to go. AEM is an all-inclusive solution for content management using which you can conveniently manage your mobile apps, websites, content and all exclusive marketing endeavor at the same place. In fact, it forms the backbone to support an array of applications, as well as websites backed system that is precisely operating on the cloud.

Adobe Experience Manager or AEM is the fastest growing platforms and a powerhouse combo which allows for convenient content management & creation. In fact, even the leading companies like Motel 6, Ingersoll Rand, The Wonderful Company, and Chipotle have used this effective CMS. Remember that your customers and clients need a consistent experience every time they choose to interact with your brand. It is here that Adobe Experience Manager can be an ideal option.

AEM is an integral part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud that is popular for its compilation of integrated online marketing & Web analytics products’. Essentially, it is a suite of solutions which amalgamate with Adobe Experience Manager like Adobe Analytics, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Target, Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Media Optimizer, Adobe Social, and Adobe Primetime. Apparently, AEM can either be used alone or in combination with different components to avail top-notch digital marketing solution.

AEM offers collaborative tools which help in delivering content experiences that are compelling and personalized without letting the screen or device to be a hindrance. Additionally, Adobe Experience Manager also lets you develop digital encounters that are robust which can further be used to build mobile apps, manage email & social campaigns as well. In fact, with this, managing microsites, landing pages, and the overall digital content turns out to be highly effective.\

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Wondering What Makes The Leading Companies Use AEM?

Well, a major reason behind this is that it greatly simplifies the manner in which websites’ content, as well as assets, are being managed. As a result of this, complexities involved with regard to delivering an excellent online experience to the customers is also reduced. Apparently, AEM was recognized as the best platform in Gartner's 2015 Magic Quadrant research report targeted for Web Content Management that too for the fifth time.

Adobe Experience Manager function to unite your content management system (CMS) and digital asset management (DAM). Majorly, AEM comprises of five main modules - Assets, Mobiles, Sites, Forms & Communities. When you choose to make use of all the modules, you can readily avail a comprehensive content management solution. And, this can further be used for developing mobile apps, websites & forms which can be used to manage your business assets and marketing content conveniently.

Adobe Experience Manager Products:-

  • Content Management System
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Digital Enrollment and Forms
  • Managed Services

Perks Of Choosing Adobe Experience Manager:-

  • Less disruption, higher security and more cloud scale.
  • Deliver your customer a seamless experience along with content intelligence.
  • Get the right boost with IT and Marketing Velocity.
  • Create your unique online presence everywhere with adaptable experiences.
  • Seamless integration with essential marketing tools that can allow you to go ahead for better innovation.

Adobe Experience Manager is one great way to empower your team an boost your business by delivering exceptional digital experiences. Be assured that the channel you choose be mobile, web, IoT, screens, voice or other, with AEM managing your content becomes easy.

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